Vaping Helped 6.1 Million People Quit Smoking in Europe

A new study just released in Addiction says 6.1 million smokers in Europe have quit smoking thanks to vaping. In addition, the study found that vaping is mainly used as a means to quit smoking and that vaping among non-smokers is rare.

In the study, they surveyed 27.460 people across all 28 EU countries. Among the respondents who claimed to use e-cigarettes, 35 % were former tobacco smokers who were able to quit completely thanks to vaping.

The study found that the frequency of vaping had a great impact on the success rate: 30.6% of the daily vapers were able to quit, compared to only 8.9% who used e-cigarettes once per week or less. The researchers extrapolated the impressive number of people who managed to quit smoking from these numbers.

The estimated 6.1 million former smokers in Europe have kicked the habit thanks to vaping. 

We as pro-vapers need to know the facts in order to present vaping to the community at large. The health benefits of e-cigarettes as a cessation aid is so impressive that every smoker needs to know. While it’s reassuring for us to know the facts, we also need to impress this upon elected officials and decision makers across Europe.

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Vaping is in a constant fight against both Big Tobacco and Big Pharma, and even though it’s an uphill battle, research like this will definitely give a strong signal to health officials that e-cigarettes is not only a safer alternative to tobacco but that it is saving millions of lives across Europe. This can’t be overlooked in the debate that is now going on in the EU nations.

Some of the health benefits of vaping compared to tobacco

The health benefits of e-cigarettes are not in doubt by professional scientists and researchers, but just as important is our personal experience. Having quit smoking myself thanks to vaping, there is a clear difference in my health now compared to when I smoked tobacco.

Some of the benefits of e-cigarettes that I’ve experienced: 

  • Better lung function. My breathing has improved significantly.
  • Less tired during and after physical activity.
  • A lot less coughing, especially in the morning.
  • Better sleep quality.
  • After one year of vaping, I’m less likely to get cancer, asthma and other airway diseases.

A study done by professor Riccardo Polosa not long ago concluded that asthma patients with a history of tobacco smoking could greatly benefit from e-cigarettes. 


The 18 asthma patients who took part in the study were divided into two groups: 10 patients quit smoking completely and vaping gran canariaswitched to vaping for the duration of the study, while the remaining 8 reduced their smoking, using both e-cigarettes and tobacco cigarettes during the study.

Significant health improvements in e-cigarette users with asthma

All the participants experienced significant improvements in all measures. Even the dual users showed improvement in lung function, as vaping more helps you smoke less, which in turn reduces the intensity of asthma symptoms.

Far less likely to relapse with e-cigarettesSwitching to e-cigarettes

A new study in the British Medical Journal concluded that e-cigarette users are far less likely to relapse than smokers quitting “cold turkey”. Of the e-cigarette users, 61.1% managed to remain abstinent from tobacco. This number is far higher than the 23.1% who were successful without the help of e-cigarettes.






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