We got interviewed by the Chilly Monkeys Guide

the electronic cigarette story

Gran Canaria’s most famous tourist guide interviewed us about our shop, and how electronic cigarettes in Gran Canaria can help you quit smoking.

There were a lot of interesting questions we got to answer, and we feel that the story they created about us deserves to be shared.

Here is the introduction to the interview:

We wanted to find out about the Islands extremely popular and fast growing industry of electronic cigarettes. So what is vaping, how does it all work, and how can we quit smoking cigarettes for ever? Well what better way to find out than to go ask the experts!We caught up with Steinar and Leo at Puerto Rico´s modern and trendy iSmokeKing store, this is what we learnt.  

You can read the interview on our Facebook page by clicking here.

The original interview was made by Chilly Monkeys Guide, and can be found here: http://chillymonkeys.com/news.html

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