Our Favourite Summer Vapes in Gran Canaria

perfect summer vapes gran canaria

Although the weather in Gran Canaria is sunny and warm most of the year, there is something special about the summer season here in Gran Canaria. Keeping cool with a cold beer and the perfect summer vape gives us that great feeling of summer.

Luckily, we stock plenty of premium UK-made e-liquids, and a few of them have become our favourite summer vapes here in Gran Canaria. To help you make the most of your summer we have collected the best summer e-liquids we have in a list. Let’s get started!

Here is our favourite summer vapes in Gran Canaria

SugarRush (Sweet Cola)

Remember when you were a child, and had your first cola-flavoured popsicle on a warm summer day at the beach? With this lovely sweet cola flavour, you’ll get the sensation of being back at that beach, enjoying a sweet cola popsicle for the first time. Can it get any better?

Strawberry Aftershock (Creamy Strawberry)

There’s nothing like a bit of strawberry and cream in the summer. Reminding you of a sweet, delicious strawberry milkshake, or a fresh cup of strawberries with cream.

High Tide (Lemonade)

Now here is the e-liquid for anyone with a craving for something fresh! A clear and fresh flavour of ice-cold lemonade is perfect on a warm day. Try it with a fresh cocktail on the beach. You are on holiday after all.

Twister (Banana with a hint of Strawberry)

This one is clearly my favourite summer e-liquid! The sweet taste of ripe banana with a dash of strawberry is sweet and delicious. Summer with every exhale!

Summer Breeze (Watermelon)

Everyone loves a good watermelon in the summer. This fresh watermelon flavour is perfect for those long summer evenings spent shooting the (summer) breeze.

Tropical Wind  (Pineapple)

No summer is complete without enjoying some tropical fruits. You will feel like a tropical wind is enchanting you. It’s that perfect summer feeling you’ve been waiting for all winter.

If it gets really warm and you’re desperate to cool down you can always add a few drops of our delicious chilled mint flavour as well. There is no shame in spicing things up in the heat! If you want to try these flavours you’re most welcome to our retail shop on the 2nd. floor at the Puerto Rico Shopping Centre. And yes, we’ve got air-condition!

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