Premium E-liquid in Gran Canaria

iSmokeKing Four Elements is a Premium High Quality E-liquid.
Our UK made premium e-liquid in Gran Canaria is made with the highest quality ingredients available. It’s 50% VG/50% PG mix ensures a good vapour production and delicious flavour experience. These masterfully crafted e-liquid in Gran Canaria will delight your palate. Four Elements E-liquid does not contain Diacetyl, Acetoin or Acetyl Propionyl (2,3-pentanedione). You can choose between 4 different nicotine strenghts (0, 6, 12 and 18 mg) in many interesting flavours.
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Tobacco Vulcano

This will shock you like a volcanic eruption, with different flavors of  Real Tobacco.

Tobacco Storm

This flavor will make you quit real tobacco because of its authentic taste of tobacco flavor.

Tobacco Landslides

Alterations of a rich nutty and sweet tobacco flavor, as a landslide through your body.

Tobacco Sweet Fire

Tobacco flavour with a hint of sweet caramel.

Tobacco Redwood

If you love the strong prince flavour, this is the one for you.

Tobacco Northern Ice

Tobacco with a dash of menthol.

Tobacco Plant

The original and inimitable tobacco flavour.

Summer Breeze

Lovely as a summer breeze and tasty as fresh watermelon. You’ll love it!

Fruit Explotion

When you wanna have explosion of all the fruits you know in your mouth, taste this.

Tropical Wind

As a tropical wind will this flavor of fresh pineapple simply enchant you.


Imagine you are standing in the middle of the rainforest with your mouth full of the most delicious fruits.

Air of Dreams

Close your eyes and let the powerful taste of delicious mango lead you away in your dreams.

Spring Delight

Everyday vape for the people that love the feeling of pomegranate.

High Tide

This high tide of lemonade will take you beyond anything else you have ever experienced before.


This minty raspberry pineapple mix is fresh and delightful like a rainfall in a dry summer month.


This rich blood orange flavor will give you a sweet feeling of victory, as when you have made a torch in a dark place.

Strawberry Aftershock

This delicious flavor will give you a aftershock of fresh strawberries.


Perfect mix of fruits.


Ripe banana flavor with a hint of strawberry.

Red Light

Freshly harvested apple straight from the tree.

Forest River

Eating fresh blackcurrant while wandering in the forest.

Garden Glory

A very nice taste of freshly picked pear.


Just like a bite into a fresh raspberry.

Blue Sky

Take a deep breath on the mountain and feel the blueberry mint.


This blueberry flavor will take you away like an undercurrent.


This menthol taste will open your eyes!


The taste of fresh menthol with citrus and honey is mild but yet it will blow like a hurricane down your throat.


Fresh and tasteful raspberry menthol with anisseed, hits you like a tip of an icicle

Mint Breeze

A fresh feeling like a summer breeze.

Menthol Tsunami

This will sweep you of you’re feet like the hit of a tsunami.


Round and chilled mint flavor.


Sweet taste of raspberry mixed with menthol.

Fountain of Youth

This will make you feel like you got the energy of and young child.


This rum and chocolate flavor will surprise you as an incoming tide.


Wonderful and tasty almond cake. You just can not get enough of this flood of flavors.


As Terra travels through space this will give you an otherworldly experience of supersweet cake.


This creamy nut with mint flavor will make you believe you are walking on garia, and make you a dreamer.


A hit of this coffee topped with sweet cream is just a drop-off an avalanche down your soul.


A taste of spicy black candy that will make you wonder, as the earth shakes under your feet like an earthquake.


What’s better than a cup of tea with the taste of heavenly Chai, under the moon’s magical moonlight.

Mountain Stream

A stream of vanilla custard for those who love real cream.


A sweet cola flavoured liquid.


If you like the taste of the candy King of Denmark you should try this.

Flavor Wave

It’s like the best lemon dessert with a hint of cheese, filling your throat with pure pleasure.


Like a zephyr through your body. Peach cake is just what you need in a hot atmosphere.

Earth Candy

Perfect chewing gum flavor in vape form.

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