We got interviewed by the Chilly Monkeys Guide

the electronic cigarette story

Gran Canaria’s most famous tourist guide interviewed us about our shop, and how electronic cigarettes in Gran Canaria can help you quit smoking. There were a lot of interesting questions we got to answer, and we feel that the story they created about us deserves to be shared. Here is the introduction to the interview: We wanted to find out … Read More

Premium UK-made E-liquid in Gran Canaria

e-liquid in gran canaria

Using low-quality cheap e-liquid can have consequences to both your health and enjoyment when vaping. You should choose a premium e-liquid in Gran Canaria, from a high-quality producer. While in Gran Canaria, you can find plenty of souvenir shops selling low-quality e-liquids from China. You have no idea what it contains or whether it could have negative effects on your … Read More