Clearing up some myths around e-cigarettes

You might have seen some of the stories published by confused media recently regarding the risk of e-cigarettes. Vaping have sparked some controversy in the media and public. It doesn’t come as a surprise that there are lots of misconceptions about e-cigarettes when the sensationalist media is pushing stories about “popcorn lung” and other scary stuff. So in this post … Read More

Christmas Gift Ideas for Smokers and Vapers

christmas gift ideas

Christmas Gift Ideas for Smokers and Vapers: We all know at least one person (probably more) who makes the resolution to quit smoking after new year. Give them the edge they need with a starter kit from iSmokeKing, and you will increase their chances of actually making it. We have several starter kits that are perfect for first-timers getting into … Read More

What Happens When You Quit Smoking (Infographic)

what happens when you quit smoking

  Every now and then a big leap forward is made in the field of health and technology. The e-cigarette is one of the most important inventions in a long line of products made to help smokers kick the habit. They are a healthier alternative to the burning of tobacco, and a life changing product for more than 6.1 million … Read More

10 Reasons Why You Should Switch To Vaping

switch to vaping

Electronic cigarettes have increased in popularity since they went on sale in 2003. A recent report stated that vaping has helped 6.1 million Europeans quit smoking – which is a tremendous victory for smokers worldwide – now that they are finally able to kick the dangerous habit of using tobacco. The health benefits of vaping compared to smoking are many – … Read More

Vaping Helped 6.1 Million People Quit Smoking in Europe

A new study just released in Addiction says 6.1 million smokers in Europe have quit smoking thanks to vaping. In addition, the study found that vaping is mainly used as a means to quit smoking and that vaping among non-smokers is rare. In the study, they surveyed 27.460 people across all 28 EU countries. Among the respondents who claimed to … Read More

Can Vaping Reverse Lung Damage?

vaping gran canaria

If you’re a smoker with asthma this breakthrough discovery might change your life. Smokers with asthma can improve their lung function by switching to vaping. We already know that switching from tobacco to e-cigarettes can improve your health. Evidence suggests that vaping is not only safer than smoking, switching could actually help people heal from the harms of tobacco. How vaping … Read More

Smokers Switching To E-Cigarettes Far Less Likely to Relapse

vapour shop in gran canaria

A new medical study shows that switching to e-cigarettes as a cessation aid for smokers makes you far less likely to go back to tobacco. The study was published in the British Medical Journal and examined vapers, smokers and double users for a period of two years. The goal was to see how effective e-cigarettes were in keeping people off cigarettes for longer … Read More

Get healthy this summer – switch to vaping in Gran Canaria

vaping in gran canaria

If you’re spending your summer holidays vaping in Gran Canaria, this is the perfect opportunity to quit smoking without any hassle. According to research, vaping is 95 percent less harmful than tobacco smoke. So far we’ve helped more than one thousand people quit smoking here in Gran Canaria. We are looking forward to helping more people quit smoking this summer … Read More

E-cigarettes 1500 times less toxic than tobacco says new study

comparing e-cigarettes to tobacco

A common argument used by the anti-vape health officials is that we don’t have enough research and data to be certain that e-cigarettes are a safe alternative to smoking tobacco. Yet every month brings with it new studies in abundance, and the facts is undeniable. One of the latest studies into the effects of e-cigarettes compared to tobacco concludes that … Read More

E-cigarettes in Gran Canaria: Can they help you quit smoking?

Before investing in e-cigarettes in Gran Canaria, it would be nice to know how exactly they can help you quit smoking.  We will try to answer some of your questions regarding your investment and why you should buy your e-cigarette in Gran Canaria. The Consumer Advocates for Smokefree Alternatives Association (oh my, try saying that three times fast!) recently conducted … Read More