Can Vaping Reverse Lung Damage?

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If you’re a smoker with asthma this breakthrough discovery might change your life. Smokers with asthma can improve their lung function by switching to vaping.

We already know that switching from tobacco to e-cigarettes can improve your health. Evidence suggests that vaping is not only safer than smoking, switching could actually help people heal from the harms of tobacco.

How vaping helped asthma patients

The team was led by professor Riccardo Polosa. They recruited 18 asthma patients with a history of both tobacco and e-cigarette use. Each patient smoked about one pack per day before the study.

Ten patients quit smoking completely and switched to vaping during the study. The remaining 8 reduced their smoking by using both e-cigs and analogue ones. The patients were assessed using a questionnaire and lung function tests at the beginning and throughout the study.

Significant improvements in e-cig users with asthma

All participants experienced significant improvements in all measures. This came as a surprise to the researchers. Especially the fact that the dual users also showed significant improvement in lung function. Vaping more helps you smoke less, which in turn reduces the intensity of asthma symptoms in patients.

vaping gran canaria

An Internet survey of more than 19.000 consumers found that 76 percent of former smokers with asthma reported improvement in symptoms after switching to e-cigarettes.

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