How to avoid burnt taste when you vape

burnt taste when you vape

In this guide I will go through some of the causes of burnt taste when you vape, and how you can avoid it.

One question I hear a lot in the store is: how do you avoid burnt taste when you vape?

A so-called “dry hit” is when you experience a burnt taste while vaping. No matter how experienced you are with vaping, at some point, you will get the nasty taste of burnt cotton in your mouth. Many factors attribute to the burnt taste, so in this guide, I will go through some of the factors that play a part in this unavoidable fact of vaping.

Let’s start with some of the factors that can give you a burnt taste when you vape


The coil is one of the most important factors that affect the taste when you vape. If the channels where the e-liquid is absorbed is too small, the cotton will dry out quickly. This will, in turn, burn the cotton and lead to a dry hit. Coils with small e-liquid channels will take longer to absorb enough e-liquid, especially if the liquid is viscous. This brings us to the next point on this list.

brent smak når du damper

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E-liquid and mixing ratio

E-liquid is normally manufactured using two liquid substances: propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin (PG/VG). PG is less viscous than VG, and this can be a problem when you’re vaping sub-ohm. Because PG is so runny it can evaporate faster than the cotton can absorb new e-liquid. VG on the other hand is very viscous and is better suited for sub-ohm vaping.

If you’re vaping mouth-to-lounge the case will often be the opposite. Viscous VG e-liquid won’t be absorbed fast enough through the small channels that are usually found on mouth-to-lounge coils, and this may give you a burnt taste when you vape.

Vaping frequency

Every e-cigarette works the same way: e-liquid is absorbed through a cotton wick connected to a heating element. If you vape at a higher frequency than the coil can absorb e-liquid your coil will dry out and you get a burnt taste.

brent smak når du damper

Fill up your tank before it runs dry.

The amount of e-liquid in your tank

You get the best results when you tank is more than half full. Some coils have the e-liquid channels placed in the middle or in several joints. If your tank is less than half full the channels may not be covered in e-liquid. It is always smart to fill up your tank before it runs out.

Inhalation technique

This is a comprehensive topic in itself, but I will try to be brief. You need to adapt the way you inhale according to which tank you use and according to what wattage you vape at. For starters, you should avoid taking short and hard drags like you would do with a normal cigarette. Instead, draw slow and steady and avoid chain vaping. Let the coil cool down between puffs.


High wattage

Every coil has its upper limits. How much wattage it can take before giving you a burnt taste when you vape depends on the resistance of the coil as well as your e-liquid. Most coils are measured using a 50/50 PG/VG mix. If you deviate from these factors the limitations of the coil will be different, so keep that in mind. Avoid vaping at maximum wattage immediately to have some margin of error.


Time to change the coil

It might just be the time to swap out your old coil for a new one. Most coils will work fine for 2-3 weeks before they eventually begin to give off a burnt taste. To make your coil lifespan longer you should always let it soak for about 10 – 15 minutes before using it. You can also drip a bit of e-liquid directly on the cotton before using it.

There are many factors that play a part when you vape. This advice on how to make your coil last longer can help you avoid any burnt taste and dry hits when you vape.

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