E-Cigarettes Currently the Most Popular Solution to Quit Smoking in England


E-cigarette consumers are smokers trying to quit. The perhaps most influential tobacco study in the UK, The Smoking Toolkit Study, has collected important information regarding smoking and cessation in the UK since 2011. STS also looks at vaping and e-cigarette habits in the population, and though the massive increase in e-cigarettes has levelled, e-cigarette use is still rising. At this … Read More

E-liquids in Gran Canaria – Where to Buy

e-liquids in gran canaria

When you have more than 40 e-liquids in Gran Canaria, in 4 different nicotine strengths, it’s kind of hard to pick a favorite, so we let you decide. While you have enjoyed your vape, we have crunched the numbers. Learn more about our e-liquid in Gran Canaria Here’s the list of e-liquids in Gran Canaria our vapers liked best in … Read More

E-cigarettes in Gran Canaria: Can they help you quit smoking?

Before investing in e-cigarettes in Gran Canaria, it would be nice to know how exactly they can help you quit smoking.  We will try to answer some of your questions regarding your investment and why you should buy your e-cigarette in Gran Canaria. The Consumer Advocates for Smokefree Alternatives Association (oh my, try saying that three times fast!) recently conducted … Read More