iSmokeKing Puerto Rico offers high-quality electronic cigarettes in Gran Canaria.

Electronic Cigarettes in Gran Canaria

We provide only genuine trademark products from brands like SMOK, Eleaf, Aspire, Kangertech and Asmodus.

In the shop, you can test different electronic cigarettes in Gran Canaria.

Try the wide range of e-liquids in our exclusive range of Four Elements flavours. During your purchase, you will be guided through the functions, safety and operation of your new electronic cigarette in Gran Canaria.

After your holiday on Gran Canaria, you can order e-liquids, accessories, and electronic cigarettes safely from our online store.

My tank broke when i was on holiday in Puerto Rico, so i went there to buy a new tank. The shop was really nice and the staff was really friendly and helpfull. Even bought some E-liquid and they had amazing flavors.

Bobban Undén

Cool store with nice people who actually know what they are talking about!

Steffen Dybvik

electronic cigarettes in gran canaria


We supply high quality e-cigarettes from brands like Kangertech, SMOK, iJoy, Joyetech, Eleaf and Aspire in Gran Canaria.


We have an excellent selection of high-end tanks and atomizers from top quality brands like Aspire, Kangertech, Amigo, and SMOK – in Gran Canaria.

electronic cigarettes in gran canaria


More than 50 different flavours to choose from in our Premium E-liquid range “Four Elements”, and famous flavours from Vampire Vape and OneUp. Try for free!

The benefits of buying your electronic cigarettes in Gran Canaria

Getting healthy

The health benefits of switching to electronic cigarettes in Gran Canaria are many.

After just a few years as a non-smoker your chances of getting cancer is half of what it was when you smoked. In addition you’ll have more energy, better skin, and get rid of that terrible smokers cough.

No more bad smell

Vaping may look similar to cigarette smoking, but they are two entirely different things.

Smokers have to walk around all day with that horrible smell while vapers are walking around smelling like cinnamon buns, fruit loops, and cotton candy. Get rid of the bad smell with electronic cigarettes in Gran Canaria.

Save money

Vaping is a lot cheaper than smoking. Investing in your e-cigarette in Gran Canaria can save as much as 3000 Euros per year spent on cigarettes and tobacco.

Due to the low tax levels in Gran Canaria, you will also find that our prices are very competetive and favorable.

Our goal is for you to become smoke-free

As former smokers, we understand that the transition from smoking to vaping can be a challenge. The vaping industry is constantly evolving, creating new and exciting opportunities for the vaping community.

Within the jungle of devices, techniques, and technology, it can become frustrating and difficult to keep up. It shouldn’t have to be, though!

The guidance you need

That is why we at iSmokeKing Puerto Rico aim to provide you with great customer care, professional advice, and every bit of guidance you need on your journey, for you to kick the habit of smoking with ease.

Our high-quality e-cigarette starter kits are perfect for the smoker looking to switch to a healthier alternative. At the same time, we also cater to the advanced vaping market with high-end e-cigarettes and vape gear in Gran Canaria.

Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced vaper, we’ve got you covered!

Delightful e-liquids in Gran Canaria

Our masterfully created e-liquids in more than 50 different flavours will delight your taste buds. Because we know how much your enjoyment when using your electronic cigarette in Gran Canaria matters to you, we let you try all the e-liquids you want for free before purchasing.

We hope to see you soon!

Best wishes,

The iSmokeKing Team

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